body party,



This time, it's more than just about the woman.

The highest sun and the most gentle breeze.  Long easy days of waves on sand and salt in air.


Body Party is all about celebrating the woman through timeless, elegant pieces that make her feel sexy and at ease.  

The New Wave


We care about the environment as much as we care about the women who wear our suits.

The New Wave is all about flattering pieces that are made from 100% regenerated post consumer wastes, which account for 10% of waste in the ocean.

Going beyond waste-to-wear, The New Wave pieces are engineered to last long, perform well, and keep up with the lifestyle of the Body Party woman.

Fabric Origin

The sustainable fabric that we use is made in Italy with ECONYL® yarn - made by recovering nylon waste, such as fishing nets, fabric scraps and old carpets, and turning it into virgin quality nylon yarn for the fashion industry. 

Waste Source

ECONYL® sources waste from different initiatives and projects such as:

- NET-WORKS - an organisation that established a supply chain for discarded fish nets and post consumer wastes in developing countries. They have set up collection hubs on the Danajon Bank and the nearby Bantayan Islands, in the central Philippines. Currently, NET-WORKS is in the works of building a new hub in Northern Iloilo in central Philippines. 

- The ECONYL® Reclaiming Program

- The Healthy Seas Initiative

- Aquafil Carpet Recycling Facility

Respecting the body and the environment, Body Party changes the game and leads the way into truly beautiful, sustainable suits.

Photography: Tarish Zamora

Styling: Love Ocampo

Hair and Makeup: Nicole Ceballos and Carlo Umipig

Model: Joanna Eden